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Author Topic: Village Theatre in Portland, Oregon.
Elliot Kennedy
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From: Portland, OR
Registered: Oct 2007

 - posted October 30, 2007 02:00 PM      Profile for Elliot Kennedy   Email Elliot Kennedy         Edit/Delete Post 
Does anyone remember the Village Cinemas or Theatre, I am not sure of the exact name, that used to be in Portland? It was located on 122nd avenue in a shopping center between Halsey and San Rafael streets. It had to have been torn down in either late 1988 or sometime in 1989 because they revamped the shopping center and built a Homeclub, later Home Base, and currently a Winco, in it's place. I have memories of my parents taking me to see The Goonies there in 1985, but I was too young to recall specifically much of the details or even how many screens it had. If I had to venture a guess I would say it was a triplex or a quad. Sadly, it is missing from this site so if anyone has any information about it: memories, history, or photos... please share them because I would love to learn more about this old place that is linked to my childhood. I would also love to see it added to this great site.

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Nick Gross
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From: Portland, OR
Registered: Dec 2007

 - posted January 04, 2008 06:25 PM      Profile for Nick Gross   Email Nick Gross         Edit/Delete Post 
I was manager of the Village Theatre back in 1973 for Tom Moyer's Luxury Theatres. I had started my career at the Foster Drive In a couple years before, but the Village was my first managing position. The Village was a single auditorium of about 700 seats. As far as I know it was never multiplexed. It had two aisles with seats on both sides. I remember asking the general manager of the circuit who had built the Village, and I think he said it had been built in the early sixties by a man named Mesher. I also remember he said the Valley Theatre in Beaverton was built around the same time by the same guy. Moyer was leasing both theatres when I worked for him. I later managed the Valley too. I think the Village and the Valley were probably the last single auditorium theatres built in the Portland area. The Village was equipped with Norelco AAII 35/70mm projectors with Strong Futura II carbon arc lamps. We ran changeovers with 1 hour(6000ft) reels. At that time I think it was just about the only house in the Moyer circuit still running carbon arc. The sound system was a 6 channel Ampex with tube type amps. Behind the screen there were 5 Altec A7 Voice of the Theatre speaker systems with 10 inch surround speakers mounted in the ceiling. When the theatre was new it had the capability to run 35mm optical, 35mm 4 track mag and 70mm 6 track mag sound. All I ever ran was 35mm optical, we never got any mag prints to try out the stereo sound. One thing that sticks out in my mind about the Village and also the Valley is that they were built as first class theatres for the time. There was no comparison between them and the concrete warehouse multiplexes that Tom built while I worked for him. The Village had curtains and masking that actually worked and with the carbon arc had an excellent picture. I wish I would have taken some pictures of the theatre when I worked there, but when you're young you have a different slant on things and the thought that it could be torn down someday never entered my mind. I hope this information is helpful, I would like to see the Village listed on this site too. As a matter of fact, several of the theatres I ran for Moyer aren't listed on this site and have since been torn down or converted to other uses. I guess that means I should get busy and do some posting instead of just reading the posts of others. I'm glad someone else remembers the Village, since it was the first theatre I ever managed she sure stands out in my mind.

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