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Author Topic: Taking Pictures: A Unique Experience
Christopher Crouch

Posts: 292
From: Anaheim, CA
Registered: Feb 2006

 - posted February 15, 2013 01:46 PM      Profile for Christopher Crouch   Email Christopher Crouch         Edit/Delete Post 
Over the years, I’ve encountered a handful of negative reactions while taking pictures of theatres; ranging from passers by acting like I’m some sort of weird creep to angry operators behaving like I’m somehow attempting to steal their ideas. However, this past week, I experienced a truly unique reaction.

I was taking exterior photos of the Studs Theatre (a former Pussycat Theatre in Hollywood), focusing primarily on the 70’s era adult film stars hand prints in the front pad concrete. Being that it currently operates as a gay adult theatre, I was being mindful not to take pictures of any patrons entering/exiting, so as to respect their privacy. Unfortunately, one particular customer apparently failed to realize that I was taking pictures of the hand prints, not him.

Yelling a host of obscenities, the guy threw his water bottle at me and held a backpack over his face, as he began sprinting from the property. Only problem was that he couldn’t see where he was going and ran directly in to the side of a neighboring building. Mind you, I’m looking straight at the ground with my camera when the colorful language and bottle come my way, I only look up in time to see him plow head first in the building and fall to the ground stunned. The guy quickly recovered and scurried away, as I made my own retreat in the opposite direction.

To complete my unique experience, about an hour later, I’m stopped at a traffic light, several miles from where the incident had taken place. And, who is the lone pedestrian crossing in front of me? The guy from the Studs Theatre. He makes eye contact and once again transitions in to a full sprint (avoiding any accidents this time). Needless to say, there is likely an extremely paranoid guy out there, who is convinced I was stalking his visit to the Studs Theatre.

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Roger Katz

Posts: 339
From: Thomaston, CT
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted February 17, 2013 06:07 AM      Profile for Roger Katz   Email Roger Katz         Edit/Delete Post 
That's hilarious! I've been stopped by police officers and chased by angry Muslims when photographing theaters, but your story tops any of mine!

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The Evil Sam Graham

Posts: 85
From: Des Moines, IA
Registered: Jan 2004

 - posted February 23, 2013 12:47 PM      Profile for The Evil Sam Graham   Author's Homepage   Email The Evil Sam Graham         Edit/Delete Post 
I had been photographing a cool old restaurant once about ten years ago and had left the property when some guy followed me up the road to the next traffic light, rolled down his window, and shouted at me demanding money for "taking his picture".

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Robert Crabtree
New Member

Posts: 20
From: Tampa, FL
Registered: Nov 2009

 - posted February 28, 2013 01:46 PM      Profile for Robert Crabtree   Email Robert Crabtree         Edit/Delete Post 
I'd guess he thought his wife/boyfriend/whoever hired a PI. Or dude could have been tweaking.

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