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Author Topic: Cinemas we've been in
Paul Linfesty

Posts: 64
From: Bakersfield, CA
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted April 27, 2003 05:23 PM      Profile for Paul Linfesty   Email Paul Linfesty         Edit/Delete Post 
Since we all love cinemas, perhaps it wouold be interesting to see exactly what theatres we've all been in (I realize this might be a lengthy list, especially if it was for a cinematour or something) but here goes mine: (I have restricted my list for theatres that were STILL theatres when I visited, whether running film or not)

Bakersfield, CA:
Fox Theatre
Nile Theatre (both as a single and twin)
California Theatre (allegedly, as a little kid)
Cinema 19
Tejon Theatre
Cinema Valley Plaza (both as a single and twin)
99 Drive-In
Terrace Drive-In
Stockdale 6
UA Movies 6
UA East Hills Mall (both as a 7 and a 10)
UA Bernard Street 6
Edwards Bakersfield 14
Pacific Valley Plaza 16

Tehachapi, CA
Hitching Post Theatres (when it was a 3-screen, the 4th was an add-on, not a split)

Visalia, CA
Fox Theatre (recent tour, just happened upon the tour one Saturday afternoon)
Sequoia Mall III (an old GCC triplex running as a discount house)
Mann Sequoia Mall 10 (both as a Mann and Signature, l;ast time I was there the Mann skyscape design was still over the entrance)
Signature Downtown theatre

Fresno, CA
Festival 6
Edwards Imax Theatre
Edwards Fresno Stadium (the EGYPTIAN room)
UA Clovis 8

San Francisco
Regency I
Regency II
Alhambra (during its TWIN days)
Alexandria (as a single)
El Rey
Golden Gate Penthouse (a "twinned" theatre)
United Artists Theatre (the BIG downtown single screen theatre in the 60's)
Bijou Theatre
Northpoint Theatre

Berkeley, CA:
UC Theatre
UA Cinemas (when it was a 4-plex)
California (both as a single and triplex)
Oaks (as a twin)

Oakland, CA:
Piedmont (as a single)
Rockridge Showcase (a storefront twin at the time)
Jack London Square (not the current complex, but a hideous triplex of the cheapest design)
Century 21 (twinned)
Theatre 70 ( a VERY QUICK run-through on Good Friday services (the doors were open and I felt BOLD that morning). It looked like it had stadium type seating. Beautiful carpeting.)

San Jose, CA:
Camera One
Camera Three

Sacramento, CA
Crest (both the BIG house and the two basement theatres)
Esquire Imax Theatre
Downtown Center Cinemas (both as a UA and Century)
Tower Theatre
Century 21 (both halves of the original single)
Century Complex (one of the two original smaller FULL domes, not any of the more recent add-ons)
UA Arden Fair 6 (torn down when the mall grew, another UA 6 was built in a newer food court section)
Regency Theatre

Hayward, CA:
Southland Twin

Goleta, CA:
Fairview (as a single)
Cinema (as a single)

Valencia, CA:
Mann 10
Edwards Valencia Town Center
Edwards Grand Palace (including the IMAX)

Southern California:

San Fernando Valley:
Fashion Center III (Northridge)long gone
Town Center 5(Encino)
AMC Promenade (Woodland Hills)
Universal City 18 (Universal City)
AMC Burbank 14 (Burbank)
AMC Media Center 8 (Burbank)
AMC (whatever) 6 (Burbank)

Santa Monica:
Monica (both as a twin and a 4)
Broadway 4
Criterion 6
Santa Monica 7
Brentwood 2 (now gone)
Nu Wilshire Twin

Fox International (long closed)

West L.A.
Westside Pavilion 4
Picwood (now gone)
Westland Twin (now gone)

Westwood (both as a three and as a four)
UA WESTWOOD (also as the Egyptian Westwood and the Odeon. Now its the Festival)
UA Cinema Center 4(also as the UA Westwood 3)
Crest (also as the Metro)
Avco (both as a 3 and a 4)

Century City:
Plitt Century Plaza 2 9also as a 4)
AMC Century 14

Beverly Hills:
Fine Arts
Music Hall (as a single and a 3)
Beverly Connection 6
Beverly Center (as a 14 and a 13)
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences main screening room
Fox Wilshire (as a playhouse)

Wilshire District:
Four Star

Fairfax District:
New Beverly
Fairfax 3
The Grove Stadium

West Hollywood:
Sunset 5
DGA Screening rooms

Chinese Twins (now gone)
Chinese 6
Paramount (also as the El Capitan)
Egyptian (both before and after the cinemateche conversion)
Hollywood Pacific (as a triplex)
Cinerama Dome
Arclight Cinemas
Galaxy 6
New View
Los Feliz (as both a single and triplex)
Pantages (as a live theatre)

Downtown L.A.:
Imax Theatre (State Museum)

Playhouse 7
AMC Old Pasadena 8
UA 6
Paseo de Plaza 14
Colorado (now closed)
State (now closed)
Academy 6

Lakewood, CA:
Lakewood Center (first as a 4 (the original auditorium), then as a megaplex)
Regency 8

Long Beach
AMC Pine Street

Seal Beach

Edwards Spectrum (Chinese Theatre, Imax Theatre)

Newport Beach:
Edwards Newport 6 (the original "BIG" one)

E-Walk 17(?)
AMC Empire 25
Radio City Music Hall (tour)
New Amsterdam (for a play and a tour the following day)

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Daniel Fuentz

Posts: 212
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Registered: Mar 2003

 - posted April 27, 2003 05:35 PM      Profile for Daniel Fuentz   Email Daniel Fuentz         Edit/Delete Post 
Well, my list probably shorter than most everyone here, but I have seen films at:

Fresno, Ca:
Festival 6 (closed)
Manchester Mall (closed)
UA Northgate (closed)
Edwards 21
Signature 16
Sunnyside Drive-In (closed)

Clovis, Ca:
UA Towne Center
UA Sierra Vista Mall
Regency 6 (closed)

Merced, Ca:
College Green (Closed, lobby area is now a hobby store, theaters are now a Save Mart grocery store. The Marquee is still there, used for the shopping center.)
Movies 3 (closed)

Chickasha, OK
Southland Twin (This was my first moviegoing experience, I was 4. Wish I could remember what film I saw!)

Ocoee, FL
AMC West Oaks 14

Orlando, FL:
Ri-Mar Drive-In (demolished)
Multiplex whose name I forgot...

It would've been on Edgewater Drive, but there isn't a cinema listed on that street. When I go back to those parts I'll have to drive past and see if it even exists anymore. It was located on one side of the Northgate Center, a strip mall that had been converted into a swap meet by simply ripping off the storefronts. The theater was the only thing open in the whole area, the rest of the "building" was abandoned and vandalized. (I can't imagine that helped the theater's business, the place gave me the creeps when we were leaving.)

[ April 27, 2003, 07:34 PM: Message edited by: Daniel Fuentz ]

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Chuck Cook

Posts: 66
From: Kentwood, MI
Registered: Apr 2003

 - posted April 27, 2003 06:34 PM      Profile for Chuck Cook   Email Chuck Cook         Edit/Delete Post 
Mesa, AZ
AMC Sunvalley 10 (closed)

Traverse City, MI
GKC Horizon 10
GKC Grand Traverse 9 (even when it was an 8-screener)
GKC Plaza 2 (closed and not listed on this site; if you want info, ask me)
GKC State 2 (now a stage theatre)
GKC Traverse Bay 2 (closed)

Elk Rapids, MI
Elk Rapids Cinema

Bellaire, MI
Bellaire Theatre

Charlevoix, MI
Charlevoix Cinema 3 (not the closed one, the new one which is yet another cinema not listed)

Gaylord, MI
Gaylord Cinema 6

Honor, MI
Cherry Bowl Drive-In

Grand Rapids, MI
Celebration Cinema (both the regular and IMAX sections)
Studio 28
Star Grand Rapids
Cinemark Grandville
Showcase Grand Rapids (closed)

Detroit area:
Cinemark Warren 16
Star Great Lakes Crossing
Star Rochester
Star Winchester (closed)

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Dan Wright
New Member

Posts: 23
From: Yakima, WA
Registered: Apr 2003

 - posted April 27, 2003 06:55 PM      Profile for Dan Wright   Email Dan Wright         Edit/Delete Post 
Some of the historic and not so historic theatres I have been in

The old Crown in Collisville Ok. It might be open might not. It has not done well since they opened the 10 screen in owasso.

The Orpheum in Okmulgee, Oklahoma Still showing movies every night opened in 1919. Was twined in the 1970's. It's being restored as funds permit.

The demolished annex 7 in Tulsa. Saw Home Alone 2 here when I was 11. No adults were around. although there were a lot of kids in the theatre. spent a happy 90 minutes jumping on the seats and throwing popcorn at each other.

The Fox Four in Tulsa. This used to have a deep curved screen. It was built back in the 1960's Twined and then quaded. It was recently gutted and turned into a discount clothing store. The scraped all the seats into a pile with a bulldozer. did'nt even unbolt them first.

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Roger Katz

Posts: 339
From: Thomaston, CT
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted April 27, 2003 07:28 PM      Profile for Roger Katz   Email Roger Katz         Edit/Delete Post 
Wow, how do you remember exactly which theatres you've been in. here's my list, the Connecticut section will be complete, but I've seen movies in many other states when I was on vacations and those are far from complete.

A * next to it means I've actually seen a movie there. No * means I've been in it but never seen a movie there.

Avon Twin Theatre (Avon) * saw my first ever movie here, The Fox And The Hound, when I was 5 years old (demolished)
Bantam Cinema (Bantam) *
Berlin Cine 1 & 2 (Berlin) * (closed)
Showcase Cinemas (Berlin) *
Bloomfield Cinemas (Bloomfield) *
Forestville Theatres (Bristol) *
Showcase Cinemas (East Hartford) *
Showcase Cinemas (East Windsor) *
Cine Enfield 8 (Enfield) * (closed)
Movies at Westfarms Mall (Farmington) * (closed)
Groton 6 Cinemas (Groton) *
Art Cinema (Hartford) * very briefly viewed the prono flick when I was there to take photos fior CinemaTour - an extreme close-up of a guy's part ramming in and out of the girl's part.
Cinema City (Hartford) *
Cinestudio (Hartford) *
Crown Palace 17 (Hartford) *
Real Art Ways (Hartford) *
Wadsworth Atheneum (Hartford) *
Webster Theatre (Hartford) * (live)
Manchester 6 Theatres (Manchester) * (closed)
Showcase Cinemas (Manchester) *
Foxwoods Cinetropolis Iwerks Theater (Mashantucket) * this doesn't really show regular movies but 10 minute thrill-ride films and the seat moves to simuylate you being in them
Meriden 10 Cinemas (Meriden) *
Newington Cinema I-II-III (Newington) * (demolished)
Newington Theatre (Newington) * (demolished)
Edmond Town Hall Theatre (Newtown)
Niantic Cinemas (Niantic) *
Loews Plainville Theatre (Plainville) *
Eno Memorial Hall (Simsbury) (live)
Simsbury Commons 8 (Simsbury) *
Showcase Cinemas (Southington) *
Thomaston Opera House (Thomaston) (live)
Cinerom (Torrington) *
Crown Marquee 16 (Trumbull)
Vernon Cine 1 & 2 (Vernon) * (closed)
Brass Mill Center 12 (Waterbury) *
Mallview 10 Cinemas (Waterbury) * this is my favorite place to see a movie., It is so comfortable and pleasant there.
Palace Theatre (Waterbury) (snuck into, closed/renovating)
Waterford Cinema 9 (Waterford) *
Country Cinema (Watertown) *
Elm Theatre (West Hartford) * (closed) this was the only cinema in the town I grew up in. i was so sad when it closed last year.
Forest Theatre (West Haven)
Paris Cinema 1 & 2 (Wethersfield) * (closed)
Plaza Theatre (Windsor) * (closed - but hopefully not permanently)
Gilson Cafe & Cinema (Winsted) * the only CT cinema with dining

There's no way I could list all the out-of-state cinemas I've been in as quite simply I don't remember. I know I've been in ones all over the country, though, on vacations as a kid. Some that stick out in my mind from other states are:

Fox Theatre in Atlanta, which is now a live theatre.

Fox Theatre somewhere in Montana which was still showing movies when I was there about 12-14 years ago. It had a balcony and I LOVE balconies. I forget what town it was in.

UA Cinemas (in or around Phoenix, AZ). This is memorable because the first few rows of seats, instead of being on a downward incline where on an upward slope so patrons did not have to crane their necks to view the screen.

Flicker Shack (Sedona, AZ). i see this is closed now. It was a great little 2-screen local operation where the manager made a speech before the show saying that people had been throwing candy at their brand new screen and that if anyone did that she would call their parents.

Maple Drive-In (Honesdale, PA). this is the only drive-in I have ever seen a movie at. I saw "Independence Day" there on my night off from the local camp I was working at in 1996.

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Adam Martin

Posts: 1090
From: Dallas, TX
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted April 27, 2003 09:26 PM      Profile for Adam Martin   Author's Homepage   Email Adam Martin         Edit/Delete Post 
Don't even get me started.

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Chuck Cook

Posts: 66
From: Kentwood, MI
Registered: Apr 2003

 - posted April 27, 2003 10:40 PM      Profile for Chuck Cook   Email Chuck Cook         Edit/Delete Post 
One more...

Plainwell, MI
M37 Cinema (aka The Labrynith) [Rolling on Floor Laughing]

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Daniel Fuentz

Posts: 212
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Registered: Mar 2003

 - posted April 28, 2003 12:19 AM      Profile for Daniel Fuentz   Email Daniel Fuentz         Edit/Delete Post 
Adam, in your case you can just list the most outstanding theaters you've been to... [Big Grin]

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Scott D. Neff
Tour Guide

Posts: 661
From: San Francisco, CA
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted April 28, 2003 10:21 AM      Profile for Scott D. Neff   Email Scott D. Neff         Edit/Delete Post 
I don't even know if I could do THAT.

I think I'll do a list of the theatres I've been to in the Bay Area of California... or... erm... maybe just there. I'll start with my house NORTH.

Washington Square Cinema 5 - Delteted
Pacific's Petaluma Cinema 8 - CLOSED
Phoenix Theatre - (currently live venue, but I saw movies there)
Mystic Theatre (LIVE)
SonoMarin Drive-In (though technically SOUTH of my house)
Parkway Drive-In

UA Empire Cinema 4 - (now a veterinary clinic)
Pacific's Rohnert Park All-Stadium 16!

Sepastopol Cinema 9

Sonoma Cinema 6
Sebastiani Theatre

Uptown Theatre
Cinedome 8

Roxy Stadium 14
"Roxy on the Square" formery UA Cinema 6
UA Movies 5 (now a church)
UA Coddington 4 (now Beverly's Crafts)

Airport Cinema 8

"The Raven"

Clover Cinema 4

Signature's Ukiah 6

Lakeport Cinema 5

Clearlake Twin

Noyo Theatre 3

Coast Cinemas

Fortuna Theatre

Broadway 8
Movies 6
Eureka Theatre

And MANY MANY MORE North of me -- but I won't bore everybody.
The list goes on and on.

The best theatre I think I've ever been to, is the Fremont in San Luis Obispo, CA. I recommend if everybody ever drives 101 through San Luis Obispo, SEE THE FREMONT AT NIGHT. And get inside if you can too.

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Dave Stambaugh
New Member

Posts: 37
From: Eugene, OR
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted April 28, 2003 10:23 AM      Profile for Dave Stambaugh   Author's Homepage   Email Dave Stambaugh         Edit/Delete Post 
OK, a quickie list of only those theatres in Orange County CA that I can remember visiting, and all no later than 1990. In no particular order, no need to point out errors because there are undoubtedly a couple. Don't want to spend too much time on this. [Wink]

Edwards Bristol 4 CLOSED
Edwards Cinema Center 4 CLOSED
Edwards [Original] Cinema CLOSED
Edwards Harbor Twin CLOSED
Edwards Mesa CLOSED
Edwards South Coast Plaza 3 CLOSED
Edwards Town Center 4 CLOSED
Family 4 CLOSED
Fountain Valley Drive-In CLOSED
Edwards Charter Centre 5
Edwards Huntington Twin CLOSED (a twinned single)
Warner Drive-In DEMOLISHED
Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21
Edwards University Town Center 4
Woodbridge Family 5
SoCal Laguna Hills Mall 3
Edwards Rancho Niguel 8
Edwards El Toro 5 CLOSED
Edwards Saddleback 1-2-3 CLOSED (maybe their worst location ever)
Edwards Saddleback 4-5-6 CLOSED
Edwards Crown Valley 5 CLOSED
Edwards Mission Viejo Mall 3 CLOSED
AMC Mainplace 6
Edwards Island 7
Edwards Lido
Edwards Newport 6 (when it was 3 including the Big One)
Cinedome Orange
Edwards Franciscan Plaza 5
Edwards Hutton Centre 8
Edwards South Coast Village
Highway 39 DI CLOSED
Edwards (UA) Westminster Twin CLOSED
Edwards (UA) Westminster Mall 4 CLOSED
Edwards Westminster 10 (was only 4 at that time)

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Bill Gabel

Posts: 288
From: New York, NY
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted April 28, 2003 05:53 PM      Profile for Bill Gabel           Edit/Delete Post 
Here's My List of theatres.
(The ones with *'s are ones that I have projected at)
Downtown Los Angeles
  • Metropolitan's Arcade (Closed)
    Metropolitan's Broadway (Closed)
    Pacific's Cameo (Closed)
    Metropolitan's State* (Church)
    Metropolitan's Los Angeles* (Closed)
    Metropolitan's Million Dollar (Church)
    Metropolitan's Palace (Closed)
    Metropolitan's Globe (Nightclub)
    Laemmle's Grande 4*
    Metropolitan's Orpheum (Restored)
    Metropolitan's Rialto (Closed)
    Metropolitan's Roxie (Closed)
    Pacific's Tower (Church)
    Metropolitan's Olympic (Closed)
    Metropolitan's United Artists (Church)
    Warner Downtown (Store)
    Metropolitan's California (Razed)
  • Pacific's Cinerama Dome*
    Pacific's Hollywood Pacific 3 * (Special Screenings)
    Mann's Chinese* 1-3 (2&3 razed)
    UA Egyptian 1-3 (2&3 other use)
    DGA Theatre (New Main Theatre)
    DGA Theatre (old Main Theatre)
    Paramount Main Theatre and afew screenings rooms*
    Paramount Executive Home Screenings*
    Mann Hollywood (Museum)
    Mann Fox (Closed)
    Mann Vogue* (Closed)
    Pacific's El Capitian*
    Pacific's Pix (Stage & concert venue)
    SRO's Holly (Store)
    GCC Galaxy 6*
    Pantages* (Special Screening*) (Stage shows)
    Pacific's New View (Church)
    Pacific's Vine*
    Los Feliz (East Hwd)
    Vista (East Hwd)
    Oriental (Store)
    Cineplex's Showcase
    Pacific's World (Other use)
Los Angeles area
  • Pacific's Wiltern (Concerts)
    DelMar (Closed)
    Clinton (Store)
    Baldwin 3 (Store)
    Empire (Closed)
    Stadium (Temple)
    IMAX (Exposition Park)
    Forum (Church)
    Picfair (Razed)
    Fox Adams (Other use)
    Vagabond* (Other use)
    Westlake (Swap Meet)
Beverly Hills
  • Pacific Beverly Hills* (Razed)
    Mann's Fox Wilshire (Stage Shows)
    GCC Beverly (Bank)
    Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (Main Th)
    WGA Theatre
    CAA Screening Room*
    William Morris Screening Room*
    Aidikoff Screening Room*
    Laemmle's Music Hall 3*
    Laemmle's Fine Arts*
West Hollywood
  • Laemmle's Sunset 5
    Tiffany (Closed)
    Sunset Screening Room*
    Cinetel Screening Room*
    Carolco Screening Room*
Wilshire District/Park La Brea area
  • Four Star (Church)
    El Rey (Nightclub)
    New Beverly
    Pan Pacific (Razed)
    Cineplex's Fairfax
    Cineplex's Beverly Center 13*
    GCC Beverly Connection 6*
    Mann's Lido (Razed)
Westwood/ West Los Angeles area
  • Mann's Village
    Mann's National*
    Mann's Bruin*
    GCC's Avco 4*
    Mann's Festival* (Odeon*)
    Mann's Plaza*
    Mann's Regent*
    Pacific's Crest*
    UA Coronet 3 (Closed)
    Mann Westwood Quad (Closed)
    Landmark's Westside Pavillion
    Laemmle's Westland Twin (Razed)
    Pacific's Picwood* (Razed)
    Cineplex's Century Plaza 4*
    AMC Century City 14
    Landmark's Nuart
    Laemmle's Royal
    Fox Main Theatre
    New World Screening Room*
Santa Monica/Marina Del Rey/Culver City/Venice/South Bay areas
  • Mann's Criterion 1 (Razed)
    Mann's Criterion 6*
    Laemmle's Monica 4*
    Cineplex's Broadway 4*
    Mann's Wilshire 2
    GCC's El Miro (Razed)
    AMC Santa Monica 7
    Bay Twin (Store)
    Landmark's Fox Venice (Swap Meet)
    Majestic (Closed)
    UA Marina Del Rey 6
    Cineplex Marketplace 6*
    Brentwood 2(Razed)
    Malibu Twin
    Mann's Loyola (Office)
    GCC's South Bay 6* (Razed)
    Pacific's Centinela Drive-In* (Closed)
    MGM Cary Grant Theatre
    Sony Screening Room F
    Mann's Culver Plaza 6*
    Pacific's Studio Drive-In* (Razed)
    Pacific's Century Drive-In (Razed)
    Meralta (Razed)
    Hermosa (Closed)
San Fernando Valley areas
  • GCC Sherman Oaks 1-2*
    GCC Sherman Oaks 3-5 /3-7 rebuilt* (3-5 Razed)
    Mann's La Reina (Razed, only marquee standing)
    Pacific Four* (Razed)
    Mann's Studio City (Store)
    El Portal (Playhouse)
    Fox Van Nuys (Store)
    Century North Hollywood
    Pacific's Sepulvedia Drive-In (Storage lot)
    Pacific's Van Nuys Drive-In* (Razed car dealership lot)
    Pacific's Topanga 3* (Store)
    UA Warner Center 6 (Closed)
    GCC Woodland Hills 3 (Razed)
    GCC Fallbrook 10*
    Pacific's Northridge 6*
    Pacific's Winnetka Drive-In 6* (Razed)
    Mann Granada Hills
    GCC's Holiday (Store)
    Laemmle's Town Center*
    Mann's Valley West
    Cineplex Universal City Walk 18*
    AMC Burbank
    AMC Media Center
    Pacific's Pickwick Drive-In (Razed)
Pasadena/ Glendale/ and any city going east
  • Mann's Alex* (Restored)
    Pacific's Roxy* (Other use)
    Pacific's Regency 2* (Other use)
    Mann's Exchange 10*
    GCC Central Cinema 5*
    Mann's Glendale (Razed)
    UA Capital (Razed)
    Pacific's Hastings 8*
    Mann's Hastings Ranch 3* (Closed)
    UA Marketplace 6
    UA Pasadena (Store)
    Academy 6
    Laemmle's Colorado (Closed)
    Laemmle's Esquire (Closed)
    Mann's State (Razed)
    Landmark's Rialto
    Highland 3
    Mann's Glendora 6 (Closed)
    Mann's Huntington Oaks 6* (Store)
    Edward's Alhambra Palace 5* (Closed)
    Edward's Atlantic Palace 10*
    Edward's Monterey Mall 3 (Closed)
    GCC's Santa Anita 4* (Closed)
    Edward's Temple 4*
    Covina* (Closed)
    Edward's El Monte
    Plaza (Palm Springs)
    Pacific's Fiesta Drive-In* (Closed)
    Pacific's Vineland Drive-In*
Huntington Park
  • Warner Huntington Park 2* (Closed)
    California 3
Long Beach/ San Pedro and any city south
  • Fox West Coast (LB) (Razed)
    Strand (Razed)
    Palace (Razed)
    West Coast (Santa Ana)
    AMC Pine Street
    Warner Grand (SP)
    Edward's South Coast Plaza 3 (Closed)
    Edward's Big Newport
    Edward's Town Center 4
    Balboa (San Diego) (Restoring)
  • Edward's Valencia 10*
Santa Barbara/ and North California
  • Metropolitan's Arlington
    Metropolitan's Granada
    Metropolitan's State (Razed)
    Fox Ventura (Concerts)
    Paramount (Oakland) (Performing Arts Center)
    Embassy (San Francisco) (Razed)
    Regency 1&2&3 (Closed, #3 Comedy)
    Orpheum (Stage Shows)
    Golden Gate (Stage Shows)
    St. Francis (Closed)
    Strand (Adult)
    UA (Adult)
    Warfield (Concerts)
    Crest (Sacramento) (Movies & Concerts)
New York Manhattan area
  • City Cinema's Ziegfeld
    Loew's Astor Plaza
    Cineplex's National Twin (TV Studio)
    Paramount Screening Room*
    Disney Screening Room
    Broadway Screening Room*
    Loew's State 4 (shit hole [Rolling on Floor Laughing] )
    Loew's Lincoln Square
    UA Union Square
    Regency 1 (Closed)
    UA Battery Park
    Cineplex's Coronet (Closed)
    Cineplex's Worldwide 6 (Closed)
    Loew's Orpheum
    Loew's 19th St.
    Loew's 11th St.
    Film Forum
    AMC Empire 25
    Loew's E-Walk
New Jersey
  • Loew's New Jersey (Restoring)

[ June 20, 2003, 03:15 PM: Message edited by: Bill Gabel ]

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Daniel Fuentz

Posts: 212
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Registered: Mar 2003

 - posted April 29, 2003 12:20 AM      Profile for Daniel Fuentz   Email Daniel Fuentz         Edit/Delete Post 
Bill, I don't know if you've seen the advertisements for the Jimmy Kimmel show, but the theater marquee that use in those is from the Los Angeles theater. The first time it's used in the promo, the middle is cut out so it says "LOLES", but at the end of the promo you can just barely see the bottom of the letters spelling "LOS ANGELES".

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Bill Gabel

Posts: 288
From: New York, NY
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted April 29, 2003 08:54 AM      Profile for Bill Gabel           Edit/Delete Post 

Yes I've seen them.

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Mark Richey

Posts: 90
From: Fort Worth, TX
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted April 30, 2003 10:07 AM      Profile for Mark Richey   Author's Homepage   Email Mark Richey         Edit/Delete Post 
Let's the Dallas area (where I've spent nearly my entire life):

Plitt Cameo/Collin Creek Twin (long demolished)
Plano 3 DI (long demolished)
GCC Collin Creek 6 (closed)
AMC Central Park 7 (closed)
Loews Chisholm 5 (closed)
UA Berkeley Square 8 (now Studio Movie Grill, haven't been since the conversion)
Loews Preston Park 6 (closed)
Cinemark Legacy 24
Cinemark Tinseltown Plano
Cinemark Movies 10 Plano
Loews Keystone Park
GCC Richardson 6 (closed)
UA Northstar 8
Cinemark Hollywood USA
UA Galaxy 9 (now 10)
Casa Linda 4 (closed--street marquee is still advertising You've Got Mail and A Bug's Life)
Medallion (closed--former single screen, split up into 5 auditoriums)
GCC NorthPark I&II (closed--sigh)
GCC NorthPark III&IV (closed)
The United Artists/UA Plaza 8
AMC Glen Lakes 8
Loews Park Central (closed)
UA Cine I&II (closed--added about ten years to its lifespan by becoming an art house theater)
Angelika Film Center
The Magnolia
Loews Cityplace
AMC The Grand 24
AMC Mesquite 30
AMC Grapevine Mills 30
AMC Prestonwood 5 (now a nightclub)
UA Prestonwood 5/Studio Movie Grill (been to both incarnations)
GCC Prestonwood 5 (closed)
GCC Galleria 5 (closed)
Landmark Inwood 3 (former single-screen)
AMC/Regent Highland Park Village 4 (currently oldest continually operating theater in Dallas)
GCC Carrolton 6 (closed)
Cinemark Vista Ridge 12
UA Lakepointe/Lewisville 10
UA Golden Triangle (can't remember if it was 4 or 5, not sure if it's still open)
Either UA or AMC Hulen 10 (in Ft. Worth--been to one of them, can't remember which one, though)
Cinemark McKinney Movies 14
Starplex Irving 10
Starplex Mesquite 10
GCC Valley View 2 (closed)

In Columbia, MO (where I went to college)

Dickinson/Goodrich Forum 8
Crown/Hollywood Mall 4 (closed--I think they went through another chain as well while I was up there)
Crown/Hollywood Cinema (closed)
Crown/Hollywood Campus Twin (closed)
Dickinson Biscayne III (closed)
Hollywood/Wallace Stadium 14

In addition, I've been to the 5-screen in Osage Beach, MO at the outlet mall, three theaters in St. Louis (the Clarkson 6, Landmark's Tivoli 3, and a 14-screener run by Wehrenberg) a theater in Houston (one of the giant Edwards, not the one at the mall) and a theater in Colorado Springs.

I'm sure I've been to more than these, of course, but these are all the ones I can think of.

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My list:
Pacific's Cinerama Dome-Hollywood,Ca
SRO Holly-Hollywood,Ca
SRO Paramount-Hollywood,Ca(Before Pacific bought it. Now the El Capitan)
California 3-Huntington Park,Ca
The Avenue-Downey,Ca
The Meralta-Downey,Ca(R.I.P.)
GCC Greenspoint 5-Houston,Tx(R.I.P.)
GCC Northline Mall Twin-Houston,Tx(Now a Magic Johnson theatre)
Mann Fox-Las Vegas,NV(R.I.P.)
Mann Boulevard Twin,Las Vegas,NV(R.I.P.)
Plitt Parkway 3,Las Vegas,NV(R.I.P.)
Huntridge Twin-Las Vegas,NV
Boulder Theatre-Boulder City,NV
Rainbow Casino Theatre-Henderson,NV
CenturyCinedome 12-Henderson,NV
Pacific Ontario 10,Ontario,CA
AMC Ontario Mills 30-Ontario,CA
Edwards Ontario 22-Ontario,CA
GCC Inland Twin-San Bernardino,CA
SRO Montclair-Montclair,CA(Before Pacific bought it)
UA Montclair 6-Montclair,CA
Mann Mountain Green 4-Upland,CA
GCC Montclair Plaza 8-Montclair,CA
Pacific's Inland Center 5-San Bernardino,CA
AMC Central City 4-San Bernardino,CA(later an indie theatre renamed the Carousel)
Delmar Theatre-Fontana,CA(once part of the Pussycat adult chain in the '70s. now a church)
Cinemastar Empire 20-San Bernardino,CA
Crest Twin-San Bernardino(A shit hole,but...triple features for $2.00! can't beat that!)
Ultrastar Rialto 8-Rialto,CA
UltraStar Fontana 8-Fontana,CA(Opened as a Mann in 1991,became an Edwards less than a year later now an UltraStar since 2000)
Regal Coldwater Crossing 8-Ft. Wayne,IN
Regal Holiday 6-Ft. Wayne,IN

Gage Drive In-Bell Gardens
Rosecrans Drive In-Paramount
South Gate Drive In-South Gate
Paramount Twin Drive In-Paramount
Foothill Drive In-Rialto
Belair Drive In-Fontana
Baseline Drive In-Highland
Mt. Vernon Twin Drive In-San Bernardino
(all of the above were Pacific Drive Ins)
Mission Drive In-Pomona
Rubidoux Drive In-Riverside
Van Buren Drive In-Riverside
Airline Drive In:Houston
Syufy/Century Desert 5 Drive In-Las Vegas
Skyway Drive In-Las Vegas
Mann's Nevada Drive In-North Las Vegas


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