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Author Topic: Denver/Omaha road trip report
Matt Lutthans

Posts: 51
From: Marysville, WA
Registered: Dec 2003

 - posted May 27, 2008 11:24 PM      Profile for Matt Lutthans   Email Matt Lutthans         Edit/Delete Post 
Fellow Cinematour-ite Larry Karstens and I just completed a "theatre road trip" and saw/photographed the following theatres. A selection of photos will soon be uploaded to Cinematour. An asterisk indicates auditorium (or drive-in parking area) photos (beyond taking shots through the front door). In order, we hit:

1. *Continental 10, Denver, CO (Yes, it's now a 10!)
2. Pavillions 12, Brighton, CO
3. Rex, Brighton, CO
4. 88th Ave. Drive-In, Commerce City, CO
5. Cover, Fort Morgan, CO
6. *Valley Drive-In, Fort Morgan, CO
7. Sands, Brush, CO
8. Variety, Akron, CO
9. Sun, Otis, CO
10. Yuma, Yuma, CO
11. Cliff, Wray, CO
12. Diamond, Haigler, CO
13. Zorn, Benkelman, NE
14. Imperial, Imperial, NE
15. Chateau, Wauneta, NE
16. (Unknown), Stratton, NE
17. *Roxy, Trenton, NE
18. *Jayhawk, Atwood, KS
19. Norton, Norton, KS
20. Majestic, Phillipsburg, KS
21. Sun, Holdrege, NE
22. City Auditorium, Holdrege, NE
23. Kearney 8, Kearney, NE
24. Hilltop 4, Kearney, NE
25. *World, Kearney, NE
26. Fort, Kearney, NE
27. *Kearney Drive-In, Kearney, NE
28. *Rivoli, Hastings, NE
29. *Imperial, Hastings, NE
30. *Strand, Hastings, NE
31. *Grand, Grand Island, NE
32. Strand, Grand Island, NE
33. Island, Grand Island, NE
34. *State, Central City, NE
35. Muse, Osceola, NE
36. Fourth Street Theatre, David City, NE
37. Thorpe Opera House, David City, NE

That's one less than we saw on our October, 2007 trip around Nebraska. We had a great time (both times), and hope to do a similar trip again in the fall. Going to these rural areas is really the only way to see classic theatres still showing movies, and since Larry and I have little interest in same-as-everybody-else multiplexes, this is right up our alley.

Thanks for a great trip, Larry, and also a special thank you to our friend Rich Vincent of Denver (former manager of the Century 21, Cooper Cinerama, and Continental D-150) for showing us around town. A good time was had by all.


PS - Very few major cities have a full-time movie theatre with as much character and class as this, from our small-town trek:

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Scott D. Neff
Tour Guide

Posts: 661
From: San Francisco, CA
Registered: Feb 2003

 - posted May 30, 2008 01:23 PM      Profile for Scott D. Neff   Email Scott D. Neff         Edit/Delete Post 
I can't wait to see the pics.

And FYI -- sometimes all we CAN do is a picture through the front door. Theatres aren't open all day and many chains are camera phobic.

Sorry I missed ya in Denver. I still haven't been to CO for my audit yet, had a lot of whoopla at the Drive-Ins. 'Tis the season to steal from the drawer apparently.

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Mark Campbell

Posts: 437
From: Seattle, WA
Registered: Oct 2004

 - posted May 30, 2008 02:23 PM      Profile for Mark Campbell   Email Mark Campbell         Edit/Delete Post 
It might not be the clearest resolution, often quite grainy for low light, but my iPhone has taken some great pictures in camera-phobic cinemas. (I know, I know...."oooooh, he thinks he's Mr. Cool with his iPhone!") But really, I have stopped bringing my Canon digital camera to cinemas. Its hard to hide, and gives off the orange light prior to taking a picture. The iPhone takes on the stealth really well, and if the light is really low I lean it on a wall or balance on a seat for stability. I recently reshot the Sherman Oaks 5 (have yet to send it in) and the difference is night and day from my old Canon shots.

I would only bring the Canon again if I got permission and the lights were up. Or if I knew nobody would care, like the last night at Mann's National.

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Matt Lutthans

Posts: 51
From: Marysville, WA
Registered: Dec 2003

 - posted May 30, 2008 03:38 PM      Profile for Matt Lutthans   Email Matt Lutthans         Edit/Delete Post 
Scott, you are completely correct that quite often all one can do is take a photo through the front door. This is especially true in small towns where it is common to have 1 show on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday around 7 PM and be closed the rest of the week. We all do what we can, right?! On this trip, we got interior shots of a few theatres that were closed when we passed through back in October. It all depends on when you happen to be knocking on their door.

Sorry we couldn't hook up in Denver. One of these days....

--Matt Lutthans

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Larry Karstens
New Member

Posts: 8
From: Omaha, NE
Registered: Sep 2003

 - posted May 30, 2008 06:28 PM      Profile for Larry Karstens   Email Larry Karstens         Edit/Delete Post 
Sometimes we get there a little too late for pictures (year-wise) We checked in a bar about a theater and were told that it was next door but had closed in the seventies. When we went outside, there was just an old solid board fence. When we went to the alley we saw a completely burned out building which may or may not have been the theater. There were some hanging shards which may have been remnants of a screen. Someone was using the building shell to store their collection of aluminum cans prior to recycling. Compared to this a parking lot doesn't really seem that bad.

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