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Author Topic: Regal Everett Mall Stadium 16 - Everett, WA
Dan Roben

Posts: 155
From: Seattle, WA
Registered: May 2003

 - posted November 29, 2006 04:11 PM      Profile for Dan Roben           Edit/Delete Post 
After four months or so of being open, I finally took the plunge and visited the new Regal in Everett, WA. This is the theater that replaced the beloved Act III built Everett 9, still sitting vacant.

How best to describe the exterior entrance area? How about "Northwest Rustic Castle." Lots of stonework and wood (not sure if real or not) makes for an attractive and different facade. This design, however, does not carry over into the lobby or theaters themselves.

The lobby is surprisingly somewhat small and devoid of any real notable design charactaristics, though there is a definite lack of neon (a good thing!). A few tables with chairs (unused during my visit) are scattered about. To the right of the entrance doors in the corner are the video games. Straight ahead is the snack bar. There is no "specialty cafe" in sight.

There is one entrance to all the theaters, taking away the issue of which side of the lobby to go to. The theaters are laid out in an "H" configuration with seven theaters on each side of the "H" and two theaters in between.

I was in theater #5 (to the left of the "H" if you will) to see The Prestige during it's fourth week there. I counted about 125 seats, making it one of the small units. Here are my impressions:

The Good:

Projection: Excellent! The print looked as if it had just been delivered from the lab. Except when the reels were spliced together, there was not a single splice or scratch on the print. The picture was bright and in sharp focus, with no flutter or ghosting over the end credits.

Seating: Excellent! Outside of the Lincoln Square Cinemas in Bellevue, these are the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in. They are much better than the AMC seats used at Kent Station 14. Kudos also to the layout of the seating. Unlike most stadium theaters I've been in, where almost all seats are on risers with a couple of rows in the front on a gentle slope, Regal has split (at least in #5) the theater to roughly half stadium and half gentle slope. For people like myself who despise stadium seating, I can sit roughly in the middle and avoid stadium seating altogether.

The Bad:

Sound: Loud and tinny. Where's the bass when you need it? I am not a fan of digital sound (only The Cinerama and Lincoln Square Cinemas get it right) and would welcome a return to good ol' Dolby analog. I will add that there was no bleeding of sound from the adjacent theaters, which indicates good soundproofing.

Top Masking: Yes, they have it, and it sucks! A film in scope should be bigger, not smaller!

Pre-show: Whatever they call it, they should get rid of it. I would actually prefer regular commercials instead of this 20 minute long travesty masquerading as "entertainment." And that "computerized" female voice announcing the start of the film must go. Also annoying was the cell phones off message being repeated four times in a row.

Snack Bar: I know this is where theaters make their money, and I make it a point to purchase something whenever I go see a film, but even the prices here were extremely high. Come on, Regal, you're stabbing yourself in the heart with these prices.

The Ugly:

Thankfully, nothing here.

So, all in all, not a bad place to see a film and certainly a big improvement over other Regal builds (as opposed to Act III builds). The theater is a bit out of my way, so I don't know how often I will attend, but it will not be on my list of theaters to avoid.

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David Au

Posts: 133
From: Walnut Creek, CA
Registered: Sep 2006

 - posted November 29, 2006 08:28 PM      Profile for David Au   Email David Au         Edit/Delete Post 
Is it worse than the former Act III theater or was the Act III better?

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Chris Utley
Senior Member

Posts: 631
From: Torrance, CA
Registered: May 2003

 - posted November 29, 2006 11:26 PM      Profile for Chris Utley   Author's Homepage   Email Chris Utley         Edit/Delete Post 
A film in scope should be bigger, not smaller!
Words for any self-respecting movie fan to live by!

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Dan Roben

Posts: 155
From: Seattle, WA
Registered: May 2003

 - posted November 30, 2006 01:07 AM      Profile for Dan Roben           Edit/Delete Post 
Quote: "Is it worse than the former Act III theater or was the Act III better?"


Act III built a number of cinemas during the 1990s that have held up remarkably well and continue to be some of the best cinemas in suburban Seattle to see a movie. All of them (including the Everett 9) were THX certified (until Regal purchased them) and featured huge screens in relationship to the size of the house. So far, Regal has only closed the Everett 9, and I don't see any threat to the others, with the exception of the Alderwood Stadium 7, a complex recently retrofitted with Stadium seating. I suspect that it's getting clobbered by the AMC Lowes Alderwood 16

I don't have a lot of nice things to say about Regal (the word "cheap" comes to mind), but I must admit that they may be finally on the right track. The cinemas that they constructed just after taking over Act III (Marysville 14, Tall Firs 10 and Longston Place 14) are dreadful, but they continue to operate and maintain the ACT IIIs well.

The Everett Mall Stadium 16 is the only "new generation" Regal in the Seattle market.

I certainly prefer the Everett Mall Stadium 16 to AMC's Kent Station 14, the only new AMC theater in our market, in almost all aspects.

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Mark Campbell

Posts: 437
From: Seattle, WA
Registered: Oct 2004

 - posted November 30, 2006 09:56 AM      Profile for Mark Campbell   Email Mark Campbell         Edit/Delete Post 
Minor correction: The Alderwood 7 was built by Luxury Theatres, prior to Act III taking them over. This theatre was the first Luxury build in the Seattle area that finally got it right. All of their other theatres were notoriously done on the ultra-cheap. It seems that the Alderwood Stadium 7 is holding on OK based on the bookings I've seen on IMDB showtimes (although occasionally putting a film on more screens than it needs).

The Act III builds that are left in the Seattle Area that I know of are:

Mountlake 9
Issaquah 9
Bella Botega 11 (originally 7 screens, now expanded and Stadium retrofitted).
South Hill Mall 6
Auburn Stadium 17
East Valley Stadium 13

I am not sure but I believe Lakewood Stadium 15 and the Parkway Plaza Stadium 12 were started by Act III (design and groundbreaking), but building completed under Regal. They both look like Act III builds, not Regal.

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Jim Rankin
(Jim passed away in December 2006)
Posts: 123
From: Milwaukee, WI
Registered: Oct 2003

 - posted November 30, 2006 12:31 PM      Profile for Jim Rankin   Email Jim Rankin         Edit/Delete Post 
Dan Roben: You present one of the best analyses and comment about a cinema on this Forum. I hope you will comment upon others. Perhaps you could also submit to snapshots of that classy exterior that you describe, along with precise street address and other data so that Adam can add Everett's REGAL to the data base. I imagine that I'm not the only one who would like to see what you describe! Once the venue is added, you can post a link to the photos here.

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