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Author Topic: Official: Mann Closing Marketplace 4 next year
Bob Allen

Posts: 79
From: Toledo, OR
Registered: May 2003

 - posted October 27, 2011 04:50 AM      Profile for Bob Allen   Email Bob Allen         Edit/Delete Post 
Didn't Mann buy Fox West Coast back in the day? I know there were four they picked up in Pomona. Of those four only the Fox remains and is run by a non-profit. The old California (aka UA) is now a church. The State and Sunkist are gone.

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Chris Utley
Senior Member

Posts: 631
From: Torrance, CA
Registered: May 2003

 - posted October 27, 2011 09:12 AM      Profile for Chris Utley   Author's Homepage   Email Chris Utley         Edit/Delete Post 
Fox West Coast eventually became National General which Mann ultimately bought in 1973. I don't know when NG bought Fox West Coast outright, but they did.

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Christopher Crouch

Posts: 292
From: Anaheim, CA
Registered: Feb 2006

 - posted October 28, 2011 02:19 AM      Profile for Christopher Crouch   Email Christopher Crouch         Edit/Delete Post 
The chain’s lineage is basically Fox, Fox West Coast, National, National General, and Mann. I believe it transitioned to Fox West Coast circa 1929, National Theatres shortly after the industry’s antitrust suit settlement (circa 52’), National General circa 1967, and Mann in 1973 (Mann had a virtual revolving door of parent companies after Ted Mann sold controlling interest in 1986). While the company changed names, the Fox moniker continued to be utilized up until Mann bought the chain.

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Danny Baldwin

Posts: 130
From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: Aug 2009

 - posted November 17, 2011 04:17 PM      Profile for Danny Baldwin   Author's Homepage   Email Danny Baldwin         Edit/Delete Post 
Regency takes over the Janss tonight, leaving Mann with one remaining theater (Westlake Village). How much longer until its dying breath?

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Edward Havens
New Member

Posts: 50
From: Walnut Creek, CA
Registered: Oct 2009

 - posted November 18, 2011 06:49 PM      Profile for Edward Havens   Email Edward Havens         Edit/Delete Post 
What time is it?

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Mark Campbell

Posts: 437
From: Seattle, WA
Registered: Oct 2004

 - posted November 19, 2011 08:31 AM      Profile for Mark Campbell   Email Mark Campbell         Edit/Delete Post 
Since this thread was about the Marketplace 4 (and sometimes the Exchange 10/8), any future predictions for these 2 locations? If Vintage Cinemas is running the Exchange 8-plex it must only be a half-hearted operating agreement with the landlord to keep the property from sitting empty. It is not on their website and is running a very limited number of shows per day on some titles.

Any predictions or news for these 2 locations? Laemmle has expressed interest in opening something in Glendale, but as a ground-up complex.

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Jeff Arellano
Senior Member

Posts: 685
From: Monterey Park, CA
Registered: Jun 2003

 - posted November 19, 2011 01:20 PM      Profile for Jeff Arellano   Email Jeff Arellano         Edit/Delete Post 
The fourplex would be viable if it shared product with the Glendale 18. Two movies on two screens at a time. The 8 would be a great dollar or discount house

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Edward Havens
New Member

Posts: 50
From: Walnut Creek, CA
Registered: Oct 2009

 - posted November 21, 2011 10:04 AM      Profile for Edward Havens   Email Edward Havens         Edit/Delete Post 
The sad part is, the biggest house at the Americana is still smaller in seating capacity and on screen size than the smallest house at the Marketplace. That the Americana is so popular just goes to show how the things that mean something to film fans matter so little to the general populace.

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Rob Alexander
New Member

Posts: 20
From: Palm Springs, CA
Registered: Oct 2010

 - posted February 13, 2012 10:14 AM      Profile for Rob Alexander   Email Rob Alexander         Edit/Delete Post 
Mann 4 reopened last Friday by GALAXY Theatres. Here is the link...

Galaxy Theatres opens
Theater opens up in former Mann 4 complex to offer mainstream movies.
February 09, 2012|By Mark Kellam,

Galaxy Theatres opens Friday in the former Mann 4 complex in the Marketplace, and to entice customers, it’s offering free popcorn all weekend.

“That should get a few people out there,” said company president Rafe Cohen.

The theater in Glendale is the company’s first move into the Los Angeles area.

The company, founded by Cohen in 1996, has 13 theaters in four western states — California, Nevada, Washington and Texas.

Other theaters in California are located in the San Joaquin Valley, where Cohen opened his first theater in Porterville.

Cohen said Galaxy Theatres are known for their friendly customer service and providing certain amenities, such as popcorn seasoning, for free.

Admission costs are slightly higher than the nearby Vintage Theatres, which opened in part of the former Mann 10 site in the Exchange a few months ago.

General adult admission at both theaters is $10.50.

At Galaxy, children and seniors pay $7 and matinees cost $9, each 50 cents higher than at Vintage.

However, Galaxy’s prices are less expensive than Pacific Theater’s 18-screen complex across the street, where adult general admission is $12.50, seniors pay $10.50 and children pay $9.50. Matinees are $10.50 for adults.

The local Galaxy theater, which will have about 30 employees, will screen first-run features and won’t try to attract foreign film aficionados or enthusiasts of independent movies or documentaries.

“We’re not targeting a particular segment,” Cohen said. “We’re going to appeal to the mainstream across the board.”

And he plans to offer the same atmosphere that customers find at his other theaters.

“We’re going to create a friendly, positive customer service environment where you can enjoy the movies,” Cohen said.

Their website is

Would be awesome if they can make a go of this place. It looks like they installed all new digital projectors as well.

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